1.  Having heard Issa, the priests and learned men decided among themselves that they would not judge him, for he was doing no one harm, and having presented themselves before Pilate, made Governor of Jerusalem by the pagan king of the land of Romeles, they spoke to him thus:

2.  "We have seen the man whom thou accuseth of inciting our people to rebellion, we have heard his preaching and know that he is of our people.

3.  "But the rulers of the towns have sent thee false reports, for he is a just man who teaches the people the Word of God.  After interrogating him, we dismissed him that he might go in peace."

4.  The Governor, overcome with passion, sent disguised servants to Issa, that they might watch all his actions and report to the authorities every word he addressed to the people.

5.  Nevertheless, Issa continued to visit the neighboring towns and preach the true ways of the Creator, exhorting the Hebrews to patience and promising them a speedy deliverance,

6.  And during all this time, a multitude followed wherever he went, many never leaving him and acting as servants.

7.  And Issa said to them: "Do not believe in miracles performed by the hands of man, for He who dominates nature is alone capable of doing supernatural things, while man is powerless to soften the violence of the wind and bestow rain.

8. "Nevertheless, there is a miracle which it is possible for man to accomplish; it is when, full of a sincere faith, he resolves to tear from his heart all evil thought and, to attain his end, shuns the path of iniquity.

9.  "And all things which are done without God are but gross errors, seductions, and illusions, which only demonstrate to what point the soul of man who practices this art is filled with deceit, falsehood, and impurity.

10.  "Put no faith in oracles - God alone knows the future; he that has recourse to sorcerers defiles the temple within his heart and give proof of distrust toward his Creator.

11.  "Faith in sorcerers and their oracles destroys the innate simplicity and child-like purity in man; a diabolical power takes possession of him and forces him to commit all sorts of crimes and to adore idols,

12.  "While the Lord our God, who has not His equal, is One, Al-Powerful, Omniscient, and Omnipresent; it is He who possesses all wisdom and all light.

13.  "It is to Him you must have recourse to be comforted in your sorrows, assisted in your toils, healed in your sickness; whosoever shall have recourse to Him shall not be refused.

14.  "The secret of nature is in the hands of God; for the world before appearing, existed in the depth of the Divine Mind; it became material and visible by the Will of the Most High.

15.  "When you wish to address Him, become as children once more, for you know neither the past, nor the future, and God is the Master of Time."


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