1.  Saint Issa went from place to place strengthening, by the Word of God, the courage of the Israelites, who were ready to succumb under the weight of their despair, and thousands followed him to hear his preaching.

2.  But the rulers of the cities feared him, and word was sent to the Governor, who resided in Jerusalem, that a man named Issa had come into the country, that his sermons excited the people against the authorities, that the crowd listened to him assiduously and neglected their duties to the State, claiming that soon they would be rid of their intruding rulers.

3.  Then Pilate, the Governor of Jerusalem, ordered that the preacher Issa be arrested, brought to the city and conducted before the judges.  Not to arouse the dissatisfaction of the people, however, Pilate commanded the priests and the learned men, old men of Hebrew origin, to judge him in the temple.

4.  Meanwhile, Issa, still continuing to preach, arrived in Jerusalem; having heard of his coming all the inhabitants, who already knew him by reputation, came to meet him.

5.  They greeted him respectfully and threw open the doors of their temple that they might hear from his lips what he had said in the other cities of Israel.

6.  And Issa said to them: "The human race is perishing because of its want of faith, for the gloom and the tempest have bewildered the human flock, and they have lost their shepherd.

7.  "But tempests do not last forever, and the clouds will not hide the eternal light, the heavens shall soon be serene again, the celestial light shall spread throughout the world, and the strayed sheep shall gather around their shepherd.

8.  "Do not strive to seek direct roads in the obscurity for fear of stumbling into the ditch, but gather your remaining strength, sustain one another, place your entire trust in God, and wait till a streak of light appears.

9.  "He that upholds his neighbor upholds himself, and whosoever protects his family protects his race and his country.

10.  "For rest assured that the day of your deliverance from darkness is near; you shall gather together in one single family, and your enemy - he who knows nothing of the favor of the great God - will tremble in fear."

11.  The priests and the old men that listened to him, full of admiration at this language, asked him if it were true that he had attempted to arouse the people against the authorities of the country, as had been reported to the Governor, Pilate.

12.  "Is it possible to arise against misled men from whom the obscurity has hidden their path and their door?" returned Issa.  "I have only warned these unfortunate people, as I warn them in this temple, that they may not advance further on their dark paths, for an abyss is yawning beneath their feet.

13.  "Worldly power is not of long duration, and it is subject to innumerable changes.  It would be of no use to a man to rebel against it, for one power always succeeds another power, and it shall be thus until the extinction of human existence.

14.  "Do you not see, on the contrary, that the rich and powerful are sowing among the children of Israel a spirit of rebellion against the Eternal Power of Heaven?"

15.  And the learned men then said: "Who art thou, and from what country hast thou come into our own?  We had never heard of thee, and do not even know thy name."

16.  "I am an Israelite," responded Issa, "and, on the very day of my birth, I saw the walls of Jerusalem, and I heard the weeping of my brothers reduced to slavery, and the moans of my sisters carried away by pagans into captivity.

17.  "And my soul was painfully grieved when I saw that my brothers had forgotten the True God; while yet a child, I left my father's house to go among other nations.

18.  "But hearing that my brothers were enduring still greater tortures, I returned to the land in which my parents dwelt, that I might recall to my brothers the faith of their ancestors, which teaches us patience in this world that we may obtain perfect and sublime happiness on High."

19.  And the learned old men asked him this question: "It is claimed that you deny the laws of Mossa and teach the people to desert the temple of God."

20.  And Issa said: "We cannot demolish what has been given by our Heavenly Father and what has been destroyed by sinners; but I have recommended the purification of all stain from the heart, for that is the veritable temple of God.

21.  "As to the laws of Mossa, I have striven to re-establish them in the heart of men; and I say to you, that you are in ignorance of their true meaning, for it is not vengeance, but forgiveness that they teach; but the sense of these laws have been perverted."


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