1.  Issa, whom the Creator had chosen to recall the True God to the people that were plunged in depravities, was twenty-nine years of age when he arrived in the land of Israel.

2.  Since the departure of Issa, the pagans had heaped still more atrocious sufferings upon the Israelites, and the latter were a prey to the deepest gloom.

3.  Many among them had already begun to desert the laws of their God and those of Mossa, in the hope of softening their harsh conquerors.

4.  In the presence of this situation, Issa exhorted his compatriots not to despair, because the day of the redemption of sins was near, and he confirmed their belief in the God of their fathers.

5.  " 'Children, do not yield to despair,' said the Heavenly Father through the mouth of Issa, 'for I have heard your voices, and your cries have ascended to Me.

6.  " ' Weep not, O my beloved, for your sobs have touched the heart of your Father, and He has forgiven you as He forgave your ancestors.

7.  " 'Do not abandon your families to plunge into debauchery, do not lose the nobility of your sentiments and worship idols that will remain deaf to your voices.

8.  " 'Fill My temple with your hopes and your patience, and do not abjure the religion of your fathers, for I alone have guided them and heaped blessings upon them.

9.  " 'Raise them that have fallen, feed them that are hungry, and help them that are sick, that you may all be pure and just on the Day of the Last Judgment that I am preparing for you.' "

10.  The Israelites flocked to hear the words of Issa, asking him where they should thank the Heavenly Father, since their enemies had razed their temples and laid violent hands on their sacred vessels.

11.  Issa replied to them that God did not speak of temples built by the hands of men, but that He meant thereby the human heart, which is the true temple of God.

12.  "Enter into your temple, into your own heart, illuminate it with good thoughts, patience, and the unflinching confidence you should place in your Father.

13.  "And your sacred vessels are your hands and your eyes; look and do what is agreeable to God, for, in doing good to your neighbor, you perform a rite that embellishes the temple in which dwells the One who has given you life.

14.  "For God has created you in His image; innocent, pure of soul, with a heart filled with kindness, and destined, not to the conception of evil projects, but to be the sanctuary of love and justice.

15.  "Do not therefore sully your hearts, I say to you, for the Eternal Being dwells there always.

16.  "If you wish to accomplish works stamped with love and piety, do them with love and piety, do them with an open heart, and let not your actions be inspired by the hope of gain or by thought of profit.

17.  "For such deeds would not contribute to your salvation, and you would then fall into a state of moral degradation in which theft, falsehood, and murder, seem like generous actions."


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