1.  The words of Issa spread among the pagans, in the countries through which he traveled, and the inhabitants abandoned their idols.

2.  Seeing which, the priests demanded from him who glorified the name of the True God, proofs of the accusations he brought against them and demonstration of the worthlessness of idols in the presence of the people.

3.  And Issa replied to them: "If your idols and your animals are mighty, and really possess a supernatural power, let them annihilate me on the spot!"

4.  "Perform a miracle," retorted the priests, "and let thy God confound our own, if they are loathsome to Him."

5.  But Issa then said: "The miracles of our God began when the universe was created; they occur each day, each instant; whosoever does not see them is deprived of one of the most beautiful gifts of life.

6.  "And it is not against pieces of inanimate stone, metal, or wood, that the wrath of God shall find free vent, but it shall fall upon man, who, in order to be saved, should destroy all the idols they have raised.

7.  "Just as a stone and a grain of sand, worthless in themselves to man, await with resignation the moment when he shall take and make them into something useful.

8.  "So should man await the great favor to be granted him by God in honoring him with a decision.

9.  "But woe be to you, adversary of man, if it be not a favor that you await, but rather the wrath of Divinity; woe be to you if you await until It attests Its power through miracles!

10.  "For it is not the idols that shall be annihilated in His wrath, but those that have raised them; their hearts shall be the prey of everlasting fire, and their lacerated bodies shall serve as food for wild beasts.

11.  "God shall drive away the contaminated ones of His flocks, but shall take back to Himself those that have strayed because they misconceived the Heavenly atom which dwelt in them."

12.  Seeing the powerlessness of their priests, the pagans believed the words of Issa, and fearing the wrath of the Divinity, broke their idols into fragments.  As to the priests, they fled to escape the vengeance of the people.

13.  And Issa also taught the pagans not to strive to see the Eternal Spirit with their own eyes, but to endeavor to feel it in their hearts, and, by a truly pure soul, to make themselves worthy of Its favors.

14.  "Not only must you desist from offering human sacrifices," said he, "but you must immolate no animal to which life has been given, for all things have been created for the benefit of man.

15.  "Do not take what belongs to others, for it would be robbing your neighbor of the goods he has acquired by the sweat of his brow.

16.  "Deceive no one, that you yourself may not be deceived; strive to justify yourself before the Last Judgment, for it will then be too late.

17.  "Do not give yourself up to debauchery, for it is a violation of the laws of God.

18.  "You shall attain supreme beatitude, not only by purifying yourself, but also by leading others into the path that shall permit them to regain primitive perfection."


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