1.  The white priests and the warriors becoming cognizant of the discourse addressed by Issa to the Soudras, resolved upon his death and sent their servants for this purpose in search of the young prophet.

2.  But Issa, warned of this danger by the Soudras, fled in the night from Juggernaut, gained the mountains, and took refuge in Gothamide Country, the birthplace of the great Buddha Cakya-Mouni, among the people who adored the only and sublime Brahma.

3.  Having perfectly learned the Pali tongue, the just Issa applied himself to the study of the sacred rolls of Soutras.

4.  Six years later, Issa, whom the Buddha had chosen to spread His Holy Word, could perfectly explain the sacred rolls.

5.  He then left Nepal and the Himalaya Mountains, descended into the valley of Radjipoutan and went westward, preaching to divers people of the supreme perfection of man,

6.  And of the good we must do unto others, which is the surest means of quickly merging ourselves in the Eternal Spirit.  "He who shall have recovered his primitive purity at death," said Issa, "shall have obtained the forgiveness of his sins, and shall have the right to contemplate the majestic figure of God."

7.  In traversing the pagan territories, the Divine Issa taught the people that the adoration of visible gods was contrary to the laws of nature.

8.  "For man," said he, "has not been favored with the sight of the image of God nor the ability to construct a host of divinities  resembling the Eternal.

9.  "Furthermore, it is incompatible with the human conscience to think less of the grandeur of Divine Purity than of animals; or of works made by the hand of man from stone or metal.

10.  "The Eternal Legislator is one; there is no God but Him; He has shared the world with no one, neither has He confided His intentions to anyone.

11.  "Just as a father may deal toward his children, so shall God judge men after death according to His merciful laws; never will He humiliate His child by causing his soul to emigrate, as in a purgatory, into the body of an animal."

12.  "The Heavenly Law,"  said the Creator through the lips of Issa, "is averse to the sacrifice of human victims to a statue or animal, for I have sacrificed to man all the animals and everything the world contains.

13.  "Everything has been sacrificed to man, who is directly and closely linked to Me, his Father; therefore, he that shall have robbed Me of My child shall be severely judged and punished according to the Divine Law.

14.  "Man is as nothing before the Eternal Judge, to the same degree that the animal is before man.

15.  "Therefore, I say to you, abandon your idols and perform no ceremonies that separate you from your Father and bind you to priests from whom the Face of Heaven is turned away.

16.  "For it is they who have allured you from the True God, and whose superstitions and cruelty are leading you to perversion of the intellect and the loss of all moral sense."


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