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The Church of the Pet Pastor
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'Your Pet' Screen Saver

     Send us up to 20 favorite family photographs featuring your beloved pet and we'll create a beautiful screen saver for your Windows PC (not available for Macintosh).  We'll also add some lovely music to play in the background as the pictures change automatically.  The settings for this screen saver are adjustable to your taste.  For example, you'll be able to mute the music, adjust the time lapse between changes of photos, etc.

     We prefer that you send us digital photos (.JPG format) on either a floppy disk or a CD that we will return to you.  If your photos aren't digitized, you can get this done at a Kinko's or similar store.  Please don't send us your only copies of any photographic prints, as we cannot assume liability should they become lost.

    We'll send you 2 versions of your personalized Pet Screen Saver.  One is a self-installing (.exe) version that will allow your screen saver to work automatically (per your adjustments of the settings).  The other version is a manually launched (.scr) screen saver that you can activate by double-clicking its desktop icon at will.  Full written instructions will be included.

     Your screen savers will be sent to you on a compact disc.  You can install your screen saver on as many personal computers as you wish, so you'll be able to share this precious keepsake with your dear family members and close friends who also know and love your pet.

     Order your very own customized Pet Screen Saver today.  Whether your pet is still with you or has passed on to his final reward, experience the joy of his presence every time your screen saver is activated.

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The Church of the Pet Pastor cannot exist without your kindhearted support.  A benevolent monetary contribution of $50.00 is requested.  Any additional amount you may wish to contribute to our ministry is sincerely appreciated and will be conscientiously applied to defray our business and travel expenses and operating overhead.  Thank you very much.  May our Heavenly Father bless you forevermore for your kindness and generosity.


Please print this page, fill it out and send it to us along with your pet's pictures and your very kind contribution.  Thank you.

(Please make your check or money order payable to: Rev. Damon Leigh)