Rev. Dr. Damon Leigh
The Church of the Pet Pastor
11684 Ventura Blvd. #525
Studio City, CA 91604

Green Pastures
     Now you can lovingly memorialize your late, beloved pet by requesting that The Church of the Pet Pastor display his/her photograph in the "Green Pastures" section of our Internet website.

   In addition to the photograph, we will also publish your written tribute to and personal remembrances of your dearly departed animal companion (up to 100 words).

     (As an solemn part of memorializing your beloved pet in Green Pastures, Dr. Damon Leigh, The Pet Pastor will offer up special prayers on his/her behalf to invoke God's continuing blessings upon his/her soul.)

    Here's what you need to do:

     1.) Send us your pet's photo.  (If you have it digitized in .JPG format, send it on a floppy disk or a CD.  If you only have a photo print, you can get it digitized at a place like Kinko's.  If you wish to send a photographic print to us, we will scan it for you and return it to you.  (Please don't send us your only copy of any photographic print, as we cannot assume liability should it become lost.)
     2.)  Send us your written tribute and personal remembrances.  (We prefer a digitized document in either MS Word or Windows WordPad format on the same floppy disk or CD with your pet's photo.  Otherwise, send us a printed copy.)
Your Name:___________________________________________________________________________
Your Late Pet's Name:__________________________________________________________________
Your Address:_________________________________________________________________________
City, State, Zip:_______________________________________________________________________
Your E-mail Address:______________________________@___________________________________


The Church of the Pet Pastor cannot exist without your kindhearted support.  A benevolent monetary contribution of $50.00 is requested.  Any additional amount you may wish to contribute to our ministry is sincerely appreciated and will be conscientiously applied to defray our business and travel expenses and operating overhead.  Thank you very much.  May our Heavenly Father bless you forevermore for your kindness and generosity.


Please print this page, fill it out and send it to us along with your late pet's picture, your written tribute & personal remembrances and your very kind contribution.  Thank you.

(Please make your check or money order payable to: Rev. Damon Leigh)