Sometimes life presents us with challenges that may seem, on their face, to be overwhelming.  Most people tend to define these challenges as being their personal “problems.”  Dr. Damon Leigh has a different way of looking at life than many people… he declines to be burdened with the negativity that flows from the very word – “problems.”  He believes that you can't bask in life's sunshine if you insist upon dragging your own dark cloud around with you wherever you go.

The key to achieving and holding onto happiness in life is to maintain a positive, cheerful and hopeful outlook.  This includes maintaining the attitude that you are (with God’s grace and blessings) in complete charge of your own destiny.  To allow yourself believe otherwise and to become overwhelmed by life's “problems” is the first step to surrender and ultimate defeat!

Why not eliminate the word “problems” from your vocabulary altogether, as a first step?  Why not start to look at life’s unexpected challenges as “situations” instead.  Think about it… you’ve already dealt with countless situations in your life to this point, haven’t you?  You must have been pretty successful at handling them… you’re still here, aren’t you?  So then… what’s another situation?  No big deal… right?  After all, you’ve become pretty much an expert at handling situations by now… and this is just another one.  It may be a little bigger or smaller than some previous situations… but it’s just another situation!

All that’s required is for you to recondition your mind to this alternative thought process.  You can do it!  However, at the beginning, you may feel it helpful to have a bit of personal coaching and encouragement.  Dr. Leigh is here to serve that purpose for you.

Contact Dr. Leigh to reserve your personal Spiritual Counseling appointment right away and get yourself onto The Natural Path… the natural, relaxed and positively confident way of thinking and being.  Put an end to your previous negative, counter-productive and happiness-destroying thought conditioning today!


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