a poisonous alkaloid
  that is the chief active principle of tobacco
and is used as an insecticide.


          Enough said?  Of course… you want to quit… you’ve tried to quit before… but somehow you always seem to backslide and end up smoking again.

          The real question is how to quit… successfully and finally!  The so-called experts will tell you that you need to employ some sort of pharmaceutical substitute.  Something that is patented and thereby contributes to the well-being of one of the big drug companies… and not necessarily to yours.

          How in the world will it benefit you to continue to ingest this deadly poison, albeit in a different form?  So you chew the gum or wear the patch… and instead of irritating your lungs, you irritate your mouth’s mucous membranes and gums or your body’s largest organ… your skin.  This should not be acceptable to anyone of sound mind who wishes to also be of sound body.

          There is only one way to stop smoking… and that is to stop!  That’s right… Cold Turkey!  (But you need to have a plan of attack.  No good General would send his army in to fight a powerful enemy without having worked out a logical plan of battle.)

          The medical establishment looks upon the problem of addiction as simply being physical (and maybe sometimes psychological) in nature.  Dr. Damon Leigh (an ex-nicotine addict himself) believes this analysis of the problem of addiction to be incomplete.  Addiction is also a spiritual problem… and it can be most successfully overcome by an intelligently managed application of a combination of physical, emotional and spiritual means.

          Think about it… if you attempt to quit smoking with the assistance of your medical doctor or your local pharmacist, you are really on your own.  While you are home alone, struggling to maintain your composure while suffering through withdrawal, your doctor or pharmacist is out playing golf or at the movies, etc.  It’s not that they don’t care… some probably do.  It’s just that they have other things and people (most notably themselves) to think about.

          There is only One upon Whom you can depend to be at your side through this (or any other) situation in life... 24 hours a day... 7 days a week.  And that One… is The Lord God.  If you are able to see the truth in this statement, then you are halfway home in beating your addiction to nicotine.  If you don’t believe it, the task becomes more difficult.

          Dr. Damon Leigh has been through this process himself.  He knows, from personal experience, how to help you.  Why put off quitting for one more day?  The sooner you quit, the happier you’ll be… and, quite probably, the longer you’ll stay around to enjoy the fruits of your new and more beautiful life.

          Contact Dr. Leigh today to get where you belong... back on The Natural Path.


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