Meditation is the practice of the art of concentration.  Generally speaking, when we think about concentrating our thought-energy, it applies to things that are outside ourselves.  True meditation, however, is concentration that is exclusively focused inwardly.

     When one meditates properly, one transcends the external or material world and dives deeply into the internal or spiritual realm.  Truly, when one has completely mastered the art of meditation, one becomes adept at literally turning off the external senses (sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell) so that one’s meditative concentration may remain completely and totally undisturbed.

     Make no mistake about it, though.  The ability to achieve total concentration in meditation does not come overnight.  As with all good things, it takes time and practice of a proper technique to become a master of this ancient art.

     The great yogis of India developed the art of meditation for one purpose and one purpose only… as a means of knowing God.  Indeed, the most accurate definition of the word “meditation” is “concentration used to know God.”  But, it soon became apparent that there were some very beneficial side effects also to be derived from this spiritual practice.

     The list of these beneficial side effects is long and well documented.  It includes many physical benefits such as increased energy, decreased blood pressure, calmer nerves and shorter but more restful nightly sleep periods.  

     On the mental side, the benefits of regular meditation include sharper concentration, an awakened feeling of emotional centeredness and an ever-increasing sense of positivism with regard to one's general outlook on life.

     Spiritually, the practice of meditation enables one to transcend the material realm and to elevate one's consciousness to higher levels of awareness than otherwise would be possible.  Eventually, with dedication and the grace of God, the serious meditator may arrive at the ultimate level of higher consciousness known as Nirbikalpa Samadi - wherein he/she may realize the true nature of the Soul and veritably become one with the universe.

     While the spiritual benefits are the last and greatest to be derived, the physical and mental aspects of meditation are of such importance and value as to be highly prized and sought after in their own right.  Why put off this wonderfully practical experience any longer?  Contact Dr. Leigh to arrange for your own personal and private meditation instruction today.  Once having begun, you will immediately begin to realize, without any doubt whatsoever, the extraordinary benefits of meditation to your life and your general well-being.


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