Dr. Damon Leigh

Founder & Spiritual Director of The Natural Path

Doctor of Naturopathy / Doctor of Divinity / Ordained Minister

Certified Teacher of Hatha Yoga / Spiritual Counselor / Meditation Instructor


Damon Leigh began his initial self-study of natural health and healing in early 1977.  It was at that time that a good friend gave him a relatively thin paperback book entitled: Rational Fasting for Physical, Mental and Spiritual Rejuvenation by Professor Arnold Ehret.  The theories put forth in this book by Professor Ehret ignited an intense desire to learn more about this unconventional approach to total, natural human health.

Immediately upon finishing reading Rational Fasting, Damon began to pore over the pages of Professor Ehret’s more well known classic treatise on natural health: The Mucusless Diet Healing System.  It became apparent to Damon that, at least in theory, Arnold Ehret was on to something quite revolutionary.  He was claiming that if one would alter one’s diet by eliminating all foods that created system-clogging, disease-breeding mucus in the human body, and if one would periodically fast in order to help facilitate the removal of previously accumulated mucus deposits, one could restore one’s self to optimum health and enjoy nearly boundless energy.

Being more than a bit of a skeptic, however, Damon resisted accepting Professor Ehret’s theories without irrefutable evidence of their efficacy.  He fully realized that there was only one foolproof way to obtain such evidence.  He would have to follow Ehret’s program for himself to find out firsthand whether or not there was a perceptible difference in the way he felt – physically, mentally and/or spiritually.

Damon immediately changed his conventional American diet to the mucusless system recommended by Arnold Ehret.  By completely eliminating virtually all “normal foods” except fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds from his daily menu, Damon soon came to realize that Professor Ehret had truly been a genius who had lived and died before his time.  Nearly everything the Professor had claimed would result from following his diet program had been proven to be true in Damon’s own personal experience.

Now, the only thing that remained was to explore Professor Ehret’s theories with regard to the toughest test of all – fasting.  While Ehret was wont to fast on nothing but water, this seemed a bit extreme to Damon’s way of thinking.  Luckily, at that time, he came across a brilliant booklet called: The Master Cleanser by Stanley Burroughs.  Contained within the pages of this little gem was a recipe for a “lemonade” upon which one could not only rely to cleanse one’s bodily system, but also, unlike a pure water fast, to nourish it concurrently.

Burroughs recommended following his program for at least ten days at a time.  The very thought of depriving one’s body of solid food for such an extended period seemed daunting, but Damon reasoned “Nothing ventured, nothing gained” and notwithstanding his trepidation, bravely forged ahead.  His initial fast filled him with so much energy and such a feeling of well-being that he continued it beyond the minimum of ten days and finally broke his fast on day fourteen.

Having thus proved true these astounding theories to his own satisfaction, Damon embarked upon a lifetime journey of study and practice in the field of natural health and healing.  This journey eventually led him to pursue and earn his degrees as both a Doctor of Naturopathy and a Doctor of Divinity in Holistic Theology.  He has been ordained a minister by The Church of Inner Wisdom and has had the spiritual titles of “Yoga Siromani” (Supreme Flowering of Enlightenment) and “Kriya Yogi” conferred upon him by The International Sivananda Vedanta Society and The Self-Realization Fellowship, respectively.  He is also a certified instructor of Hatha Yoga and teaches meditation.

As Founder and Spiritual Director of The Natural Path, a non-denominational, holistic health ministry, Dr. Leigh seeks to educate all people who desire to improve the quality of their lives by the application of the principles of natural health.  As Professor Ehret astutely pointed out nearly a century ago, there is no way to independently affect the physical, mental or spiritual aspects of a human being.  Whatever uplifts the one uplifts the whole.  Dr. Leigh strives to assist others in realizing this truth through their own life-experience, and in doing so, remains faithful to his philosophy of life:

“God Helps Those Who Help Themselves By Helping Others.”


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