(1882 - 1946)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

“The Despondency of Arjuna”

Chapter 2

"The Philosophy of Discrimination"

Chapter 3

"Karma-Yoga or the Path of Action"

Chapter 4

"Dnyana-Yoga or The Path of Wisdom"

Chapter 5

"The Renunciation of Action"

Chapter 6


Chapter 7

"Knowledge and Experience"

Chapter 8

"The Life Everlasting"

Chapter 9

"The Science of Sciences and The Mystery of Mysteries"

Chapter 10

"The Divine Manifestations"

Chapter 11

"The Cosmic Vision"

Chapter 12

"Bhakti-Yoga or the Path of Love"

Chapter 13

"Spirit and Matter"

Chapter 14

"The Three Qualities"

Chapter 15

"The Lord-God"

Chapter 16

"Divine and Demonic Civilisation"

Chapter 17

"The Threefold Faith"

Chapter 18

"The Spirit of Renunciation"


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